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Randa, Meet Clara. Clara, Randa.

Next time you visit the L.A. Zoo, keep an eye out for special signs on the exhibits featuring animals represented in Oudry's Painted Menagerie.

Pay a visit to Slim, the Zoo's mild-mannered, neon-plumaged female cassowary, to see if she has that same glint of haughty defiance as Oudry's Cassowary (and don't miss her daggerlike 5-inch-long inner claw, not visible in Oudry's painting). Judge for yourself whether the Zoo's lion pair, Lionel and Cookie, exude the kingly fierceness of Oudry's Lion. Dip into the aviary to see the pair of crowned cranes—which have been at the Zoo an astounding 28 years—strut their stuff. These runway models of the bird world have already produced 10 chicks over the course of their illustrious careers.

Plus, see if you can catch Randa, the Zoo's 37-year-old Indian rhino, striking the alert pose of Oudry's portrait of Clara the celebrity rhinoceros. (Just as likely, Randa will be escaping the heat in her mud wallow, snacking on cantaloupe, or giving some ficus the chewing of a lifetime.)

Sign on the cassowary exhibit at the L.A. Zoo
Brush up on your animal lore as you compare Oudry's portraits to the real thing

To cap off your visit, pick up a passport for our Cultural Summer Safari program.

Summer Safari passport with all four stamps
Adorn your passport with stamps both cuddly and creepy
Snare your free copy at the Getty Center, the L.A. Zoo, the Natural History Museum, or the Skirball Cultural Center.

Get some stamp action at each location and send in the evidence of your animal adventures to us at the Getty. We'll herd a cool animal-inspired gift your way.

Learn more about Los Angeles' Cultural Summer Safari.

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